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Chief Executive Officer: David

Phone : 0086-13236458588
Fax: 0086-515-69979992
David began his occupation career in Xingtai from 2003. He was successful in acquiring the local electric well-known enterprises, and create the Po Chun stainless steel, Hopbond Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., is now a member of Chinese entrepreneur association, electric industry leader of Jiangsu . P.R. David has travelled widely, undertaking research at countries including Hong Kong , Japan , USA as well as Europe .

Sales Engineer : April Zhu

Phone : 15105107100
Fax: 0086-515-69979996
April is an experienced professional in knowledge Electronic Engineering. Further research with the market intelligence capability, wide supply chain industry over than 10 years.

Manager of Sales Department Ⅰ : Jessica Xie

Phone : 0086-18705118932
Fax: 0086-515-69979955
Jessica has extensive experience in the worldwide export business in her appointment as sales manager. She has vast international experience having been involved business relationship in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa .

Manager of Sales Department Ⅱ :Sara  Zhang

Phone : 0086-15189299992
Fax: 0086-515-88599770
As an sales Management in XT, Sara has developed a strong pipeline of new customers and is always looking for new business opportunities. She prides herself on delivering a high level of customer service, paying attention to details, creating customer loyalty and repeat business with our partners.

Manager of Sales Department Ⅲ : Antony Yang

Phone : 0086-13770020613
Fax: 0086-515-69979995
The Management team has long experience in the china property markets (and other Asian markets). Senior members of the team in some cases have more than 6 years experience in the property electric heater in china .
The Management team is committed, enjoys deep industry knowledge, and has a wide range of contacts in the industry that allow it to access desirable investments .

Director of Human Resources: Yuki Xu

Phone : 0086-13505102250
Fax: 0086-515-69979067
Yuki is a Management and human capital consultant and is accountable for the effective Management of our day to day Human Resource requirements for over 500 worker in XT

Manager of production department: Thomas Zhang

Phone :0086-15161985115
Fax: 0086-515-69979065
Thomas is a widely respected experts and has been analyzing the quality inspection for over 15 years. He used to work for the Huawei company China branch. With 8 years of professional experience in electrical products control

Quality Assurance/ Manager: Amy Wang

Phone : 0086-15195188001
Fax: 0086-515-69979912
Amy has developed global regulatory strategies, authored 510(k)s, participated in FDA meetings and created technical files for instruments, software and reagents. She has also reviewed product labeling, participated in FDA meetings and has supported product development in reviewing design control and manufacturing documents.

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