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  • Baking equipment decks breads oven gas pizza oven for pastry make


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  • Career development proposals


    An action as early as possible, without reservation, doing all forward Each growth stage, we must assume the responsibility and age-matched, the majority of people to around 30 years old, must be considered family problems. Therefore, in order to act as early as possible, while not yet back home baggage when traveling light, do not too early to get comfortable. Continue reading →

  • The Spring Festival


    Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China and some Asian nations. Because legend has it that the beast is afraid of red, afraid of fire and afraid of sound, so people will have couplets, firecrackers, gongs and drums and other customs. Different periods, different regions, different ethnic customs are not the same. Continue reading →

  • Electric Finned Tubular Heater


    Electric heating elements and finned electric heating tube is make of seamless stainless steel tube, high-quality Mgo, High Ohm NiGr alloy wire .and then winded with stainless steel fin. Finned heater tube is more heat exchange efficient than common electric heating tube, that means finned heating elements could standard 3 to 4 times wattage. Finned heater tube is made of advanced production equipment and through strict quality test. Characteristic fast temperature rise heating uniformity heating exchange efficiently long-time usage appliance. Continue reading →

  • Faced with the new customer inquiry, what do you "bait" to catch him?


    Faced Inquiry new customers, how you want to be converted into actual orders? This question has been discussed many foreign people, there is a trade expert at the face of a fishing line to share the new customer inquiry method, it is there are reference, in this small series for everyone to share this article. The article reads as follows: Continue reading →

  • Christmas Day


    Christmas Day is a holiday in many, but not all, countries. Many homes have Christmas trees and other decorations in the weeks leading to Christmas Day. Some workplaces hold Christmas parties prior to December 25. Festive activities include exchanging presents, singing Christmas songs, going to parties. Continue reading →

  • How about our electric equipment?


    SINTON is a professional company with 20 years' experience.In here,We've got not only the electric elements, but also the electric heating equipment,such as:oven heater銆乨uct heater銆乼hermal oil heater 銆丳ipe Heater 銆丼torage Tank 銆乀emperature Controller and so on. Continue reading →

  • 120v 300w ceramic heating elements for thermoforming


    Xingtai鈥檚 silicon nitride igniters are normally rectangular in shape. These igniters have a lot operation zone up to 1000 degree C . and a cold zone in the contact area. Encapsulated terminal can prevent short circuit caused by conductive contamination. They can be operated with or without a controller. Silicon nitride igniters have several times the durability than that of silicon carbide products. Continue reading →

  • Happy Thanksgiving day


    Thanksgiving Day is the most truly American of the national Holidays in the United States and is most closely connected with the earliest history of the country. Continue reading →

  • Trade assurance China supplier sprial coil tubular heater


    Immersion heaters are one of the most widely used methods for heating liquids (such as water, oil, heat transfer fluid and corrosive solutions). Designed for use in tanks and pressurized vessels, they are easy to install and maintain to provide heat for many processes. The direct immersion method is energy efficient and easily monitored and controlled. Continue reading →

  • Newcomers: The reasons why can鈥檛 make order quickly


    The product unattractive. This is the most reluctant to hear the boss is most marketers should not say. Because marketers boss heard complaints about the product price, quality, delivery, style, etc., are often the first reaction is that he is not a good marketer, he excuses for his mediocre performance. Continue reading →

  • Agricultural dryer machine


    From the indide out: inner chamber(stainless steel)鈫?heating element(S.S304 finned tube)鈫抜nsulating layer(aluminum silicate wool)鈫抩utermost shell(carbon steel/stainless steel) Continue reading →

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