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How to improve the efficiency of heating tube


      Before using the heating tube, it is assumed that the heating tube has been stored for a long time, so the surface may be damp, which will lead to the decline of insulation function. Therefore, the heating tube should be stored in a monotonous, clean environment as much as possible.If it is not used for a long time, it must be dried before it is needed.The heating tube also affects the power of the problem, let us know.

1. Scale problem

      It is assumed that the heating pipe is used for a long time but never cleaned during the heating process of water, so it may cause scaling on the surface of the heating pipe due to water quality problems, and when there is a large amount of scale, the heating efficiency will decline.Therefore, we suggest that after the heating tube is used for a period of time, it is necessary to clean up the scale on its surface, but in the process of cleaning should pay attention to the force, do not damage the heating tube.

2. The heating time is directly proportional to the power

      In fact, in the heating process, the length of time is directly proportional to the power of the heating tube. The higher the power of the heating tube, the shorter the heating time will be; otherwise, the longer the heating time will be.

3. Modification of heating environment

     No matter what medium is heated, the heating tube will take the temperature of the heating environment into consideration in design. Since the heating environment cannot be completely consistent, the heating time will naturally become longer or shorter with the change of the ambient temperature. Therefore, appropriate power should be selected according to the application environment.

4. External power supply environment

      The external power supply environment also directly affects the heating power. For example, the corresponding electric heat pipe in the voltage environment of 220V and 380V is different. Once the power supply voltage is absent, the electric heat pipe will be operated at low power.

5. Continuous use for a long time

        In the process of application, the correct application method should be mastered, and the cleaning work should be done well in the aspect of protection. The remaining pipe scale and oil scale should be cleaned regularly, so that the service life of heating pipe can be longer and the working efficiency of heating pipe can be improved.

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