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Warm congratulations to hing tai group on the successful signing of the heat-conducting oil heater project with Indian customers


        After the National Day short holiday adjustment, our little friends xingtai more energy into the work.Recently, Mr. Anil Kumar, an Indian customer representative, came to our company to investigate and negotiate the heat-conducting oil heater project. Wang rongmei, head of the international department, and Ming yilong, head of the technology department, received Indian customers carefully on behalf of the company.

      Customers visit the company sample room, our receptionist detailed introduces the scope of the company mainly produces heater equipment use, use effect and the production process and other related knowledge, and go to visit the factory production line, after half a day of the discussion, the customer was impressed with the scale and technical strength of our company, on the day of the contract signed many sets of heat conduction oil heater, hope we have more cooperation opportunities in the future.

      AEON PACKAGING INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED is an Indian company. Currently there is no Indian company producing electric heating equipment. This is a good opportunity for Indian customers to cooperate with our company.

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