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Yongfulou apartment,SINTON mansion office rental and sales notice


First. Yongfu building apartment

Yong fu building in salt road no. 202, China life to the north of 150 meters, wanda shopping district, has a large free parking lot downstairs, traffic 鈥?鈥?is very convenient.

    Sell for multi-storey apartment office space, located in the salt road no. 202 for 6 floor, room 606, building brands, house property card 104 square, the actual 120 square, kitchen 1 and a half 2-2 room, equally Shared area is small, the actual area of 86%, suitable for office and home, clean and relaxed, according to the civil charges, the utilities another garage sent 12 square meters.

Selling price: 1.1 million yuan.Rental price: 30,000 yuan/year.The details are negotiable.

For further information: Mr. Wang 132 3645 8588 Ms. Chen 135 0510 2250

Second,SINTON mansion

SINTON mansion is located in the southwest area of yandu, at the intersection of yandu road and the new 204 national road. With a construction area of 15,000 square meters, SINTON group invested 100 million yuan to build it.The project is a frame-shear structure with 15 floors above ground, each floor covering an area of about 800 square meters, and the underground floor covering an area of about 2,500 square meters. It has 108 parking Spaces above ground.

   The project is close to the union of things building of yandu e-commerce industrial park. In front of the gate, yandu road runs from east to west, 204 national road runs from north to south, and 5 minutes' drive from ningjing salt expressway and qingnian road viaduct. There are also many buses passing by, and the transportation is accessible in all directions.

Within 10 minutes' drive, there are nearly 20 quality residences, such as Evergrande mingdu, country garden, qianjiang oasis, etc., yandu kindergarten, shenzhou road experimental school, and no.1 middle school in south China!Metro, Evergrande cinema, jia jia hao furniture city, Oriental xuanwu hotel and other community businesses, enjoy the international bustling experience.Damagou ecological park, lido park, 400 mu rundu park and the area's unique green design, greatly beautify the plate living environment.

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