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The 2018 winter games of SINTON group came to a successful conclusion


      Although the rain recently, but did not dampen our enthusiasm for sports sinton people, the annual sinton sports meet as expected.The games will be held in damagou ecological park, the main project is the eight km endurance run, a challenge limit, challenge the competition began.

     With the mutual encouragement and efforts of the partners, all the competitors finished the competition in more than an hour.Next is the award link, the first three men's group is the factory production department zhu dong, operation department liu jungle, network sales department cao xiansong;The top three women in the group were zhu ling from the ministry of foreign trade, Chen hui from the dong ban and ji dongmei from the ministry of finance.The team prize went to the second team.

     Challenge the limits of sports, interpret a wonderful life -- although the 2018 winter games of sinton group is over, our sinton people have the courage to challenge, continuous efforts, never give up the spirit will continue to carry forward in our work, to better serve our customers.sinton people, come on!

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