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The easiest way to treat the blackening on the surface of the electric heat pipe


    Blackening is a process of heat treatment of stainless steel and other metal objects. After treatment, there will be a layer of oxide film on the surface to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion and anti-rust.After blackening treatment, the surface of the heating tube will improve the wear resistance, improve the surface hardness, and will not affect the electric heat pipe inside the components.

    Under normal working conditions, the simplest method to deal with the blackening of the surface of the electric heat pipe is as follows:

    Firstly, clean the surface of the metal pipe to keep it clean;

    the second is the surface of the degreasing process, this process can be completely placed in the metal tube degreasing liquid.The PH value of the degreasing solution should be around 13 for at least half an hour. After degreasing, rinse with water.

     Next, acid wash can be carried out. The PH value of acid wash solution is about 3, and the treatment time is no longer than 10 minutes.

    Blackening treatment: the treatment time is about 10 minutes with the PH value between 2-4, and must be cleaned after blackening;

     Finally, dry and apply oil

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