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SINTON Group's new products successfully debuted at 2019 China International (Chengdu) Heating and Heating Exhibition


       The three-day 2019 West China (Chengdu) Heating and Heating Exhibition was held in Chengdu, China's Western International Expo City. This exhibition is the largest international heating and heating exhibition in the west. It aims to implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to further promote clean heating in various regions, and promote clean energy transformation projects such as coal-to-electricity and coal-to-gas reform in an orderly manner. Clean the construction of heating energy infrastructure, expand the heating mode of central heating, cogeneration, multi-energy complementation, etc., and improve the construction and operation management level of clean heating facilities in China.
With the exhibition,SINTON Group successfully launched the first shot in the western offline market.
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