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Congratulations to Wang Rongmei from the Ministry of Foreign Trade for winning the title of "King of PK King of sinton"


     In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the sales department and improve the sales performance of the entire company, the performance PK has always been a tradition of our SINTON Group. With the end of a round of PK program, the colleagues in the marketing center are also gearing up and doing their best to do business, not only for the list, but also for their own glory.

    In the recent round of 13-week performance PK, Wang Rongmei of the Ministry of Foreign Trade won the title of 鈥淜ing of PK King of SINTON鈥? According to this round of PK mechanism, the elite who has occupied the top of the honor list for four consecutive weeks can be awarded the title of 鈥淜ing of PK King of SINTON鈥?and receive cash rewards. Wang Rongmei, the foreign trade department, took the lead in the second week to the fifth week and became the well-deserved "king of PK". Chairman Wang Zheng Hua personally distributed bonuses for Wang Rongmei.

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