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Faced with the new customer inquiry, what do you "bait" to catch him?


Faced Inquiry new customers, how you want to be converted into actual orders? This question has been discussed many foreign people, there is a trade expert at the face of a fishing line to share the new customer inquiry method, it is there are reference, in this small series for everyone to share this article. The article reads as follows:

Idle is idle, the business is also difficult, with great difficulty taking it every customers, how can I easily let him run away?

First, it must offer. Scales offer customer inquiry under the circumstances to determine, moderately priced conventional products, new bit more on.

Initial contact with the client, it is best not to use words to quote such a formal offer, the price is enough understatement, the word does not appear even price also.

Be sure to leave a tail to "catch" customer

First, give the customer an idea about the prices, as well as basic information about the product, so that customers feel strongly that contact with you, no matter whether the transaction will be able to understand the product information, contact worth. Secondly, in the case of your customers do not understand the psychological level, while leaving the bargaining offer to the customer interest and space.

And fishing the same token, we can not just sprinkle bait in vain, nor cold, empty hooks thrown in the past.

In short, the first dealing with customers, is the second transaction, steady, trying to arouse the desire to keep in touch with the customer is the most important.

The main approach is as follows:

1, provides a minimum order quantity (as a bargaining chip later one).

2, the most important, the back to add that "The price of reference, according to different order quantity, delivery time and payment terms, the price will be very different - and sometimes there will be up to 10% discount," etc. and so, of course, are false.

3, except for quotes, but as far as possible to attach some information about the product, such as packing, container case, product images, etc. in reply.

"Cheap stay tail" and "high left tail" method

Not sat around and waited clients that their intentions clear, to try to lead the customer to reveal his purpose. For example, after a broadly reported a FOB price, telling customers "Please inform the port of destination you need, I'm willing to convert a CNF price to you for reference," or "Please inform your possible order quantity and delivery time, see if I can give you a good price or discount. "Wait for the customer to give you the following information, you can justifiably hold the whereabouts of the owner to consult.

The so-called low-cost, referring to close to cost price, profit is not high bid, by the amount of running to maintain; high prices is high prices expected profits of.

As a beginner, it is difficult to estimate their own cost, the boss always evasive prevarication. Simply go looking through old customer transaction data, customers generally low profits, and their prices tend to be closer to the real deal boss mental bottom line.

"Cheap stay tail" is reported that a low-cost, but provides a relatively large MOQ, even much higher than you estimated the amount customers may order does not matter, the key is to use low-cost hooked customer interest, also provide the basis for future price increases - Order your point of course it is not enough.

"Stay high end" is reported after high-priced, intentionally set a small order quantity (amount estimated to customers is not difficult to achieve), and promised if more than this amount, the price will be discounted. In addition, as previously said, indicating that, depending on the payment methods, can give greater concessions. In short, wild speculations, but to encourage customers to pay back the money on the spot.

As for the low-cost method or expensive method, as the case may be, customers, or based on foreign sales of "feel." This "feel" of accuracy by the heat, Man Manao, can not be rushed. But in general, you can check in online customer, if the customer has found large-scale sites and branches, or wantonly spread Buying online, so customers with the best low-cost method. Because you have a lot of competition, beginning a high price, customer management not ignore you. Conversely, for those unfamiliar line brokers, you can use expensive method, and the initiative to introduce the correspondence of "experts" in the product technology, the deliberately engage in complex situations, to the customer a "very particular about this product, layman easy fooled "feeling. Finally, for the use of clients' money to buy safe "mentality, earn a little.

In short, when the offer is not mechanical convey intent boss, customers easily say "NO". Many business veterans always an accent: "This stuff is generally on the price, but you really want cheap also, think of a way to help you." While the boss is: "I look okay this client, is a long-term buyer, it is worth to follow up a bit, we find a way to talk to him to do it."

Where the difference at a glance: Novice simple messenger, but the brains veteran designs to clients and bosses reference, facilitate transactions.

Specific operation, the attention to several points:

A "price" to, but most keep "large", "advances more," "balance of timely security" and "long delivery times," and so the conditions tied. Note: Why "long delivery" is a convenience because it could easily arrange it, as to fill the gap between production and use, in addition you can also choose a cheaper shipping time delivery, or fight the way of goods, significant cost savings?.

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