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How to respond to inquiries better meet customer tastes


After reading a bit sad. First experience to the couple's humble and put the customer superior position. In fact, this child is very good for business. Back to the topic, I am one analysis. If there is not the right place pointed look.


1. I am a foreign newcomers: Do not always put "novice" as their label, who will not experience some growing irritation, if you blindly positioning itself as "I am a novice, so I can not understand anything." it will become even more slow growing and long. Since you clearly know that they are "novice", should put their advantages: momentum, passion, knowledge and other out.


2. How to quote a general inquiry? This is no one size fits all formula absolute best answer. Different preferences of each person, whether it was you or your customers. Your preferences will always attract some agree with your favorite people of all ages. Before positioning themselves not clear, did not establish themselves in front of a style, have a variety of ways to try, you will find that, Oh, so then respond to customer response rates will be higher. Quotes like it or not, many people have a different view. Some believe that to be a good quote, reflect professional degrees, so that customers at a glance, good. Some believe that a clear need to understand the real needs of customers and then offer appropriate will be even better. Can we say which view is wrong it? These procedures only their own experience, to share their feelings.


3. The first message asking the customer specific requirements, for fear you do not trust. More humble. You're a businessman, the customer is a businessman, originally equality and mutual benefit. Customers are interested in your product inquiry sent to you, as a business, and what you can do is? Sales staff should be very good access to information, if the customer really want to buy, why would not trust How about you? Also, or you do not know what questions to ask? If you do not know, the simple methods and ideas: If you want to order this deal, we have what is worse? What product, what quantity, have any special requirements, how to transport and so on. Each seal replies are to go towards this idea, you will find, and customer interaction is a very interesting part of the foreign trade, and which make you faster to learn and master the product expertise.

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