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Accurately grasp the customer's intent is important


For example:  Products industry: wire and cable equipment


Buyer Inquiry: Dear director; I'm XX from XX Co, our company cable & wire producer in Iran our main product at present is Silicon cable & wires, we have a devlopment program for producing ETFE and other fluropolymer products, please quote. me extra necessery machineries for producing a / m product in our line, our first goal producing 0.25mm ^ 2 untill 1.5 mm ^ 2 wires and sheating cables up to 15mm OD. Your fast reply would be appreciated. BRG


Supplier back plate: Dear XX: I'm XX XX Co., Ltd.Many thanks for your inquiry of our Teflon Extruder dated June 5.I'm glad to tell you that we are specialized in Teflon Extruders with 18 years expierence in cable / wire machinery. For your first goal producing 0.25mm ^ 2 untill 1.5 mm ^ 2 wires, so the wire dia. is about 0.56-1.38mm, I think our HR40 FEP / ETFE / FPA / PTFE Teflon Extruder can meet your need , I've enclosed the photo and detailed information of the product for your reference Product:. HR40 FEP / ETFE / FPA / PTFE Teflon Extruder Extruded wire dia:. 0.8-2.5mm And there I'd like to confirm that the materials you want to use in producing sheating cables is ETFE and fluropolymer or not? I'm looking forward to your early reply. B, rgs XX


Back plate NOTE: this reply correct? What buyers want to keep pace, thank you


Expert Comments: Hello,


No clearly analyze the buyer's purpose reply. Buyers say have a development program, later also mentioned quote necessary machineries, then the purpose of the inquiry is likely to be done to assess the budget, rather than the specific procurement, in addition to the product description and pricing, but your focus should be to understand and help the buyer to complete the expansion of the details of this new production line, such as time, quantity, and other supporting facilities, to prepare for the late follow-up. The customer is future customers, and now you go to confirm the details are useless, customer focus is not in this, you have to do is learn as much as possible the customer's plan to help customers sort out the current budget preparation and cost, Then pay attention to the latter part of the follow-up of specific products.

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