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polyimide film heaters for Medical industry


Flexible heating film is a clear amber colored polyimide film. The process for making flexible heating film is similar to that of Etched Foil Silicone heaters. It is a high-temperature flexible heating element with excellent dielectric properties capable of operating environments between -185 degree celsius to 200 degree Celsius.

Customize 12V,24V,36V 3D printer flexible heating film with CE certification,and we usually say it is polyimide heaters. This is is very thin,the thickness is about 0.3mm,it is very light,so it is widely used on 3D printer.the normal size for 3D printer are follow:

Main Application:

1. Medical diagnostic instruments: Heat sample trays, reagent bottles, etc.
2. Stabilize optoelectronic components
3. Test or simulate integrated circuits
4. Enable cold weather operation of outdoor electronics such as laptap, ATM, LCD'S
5. Protect aircraft eletronic and mechanical devices in cold weather / area

Main Features:

1. Certification CE and Rohs
2. Voltage range 1.5v~400v
3. Power density range 0.03w/cm2~2.5w/cm2(0.19w/inch2~16.13w/inch2)
4. Using temperature range -60~200掳C(-140~392掳F)
5. Width range 10mm~500mm(0.39"~19.68")
6. Length range 10mm~1800mm(0.39"~70.86")
7. Thickness range Standard:0.126~0.266mm(0.005"~0.01")
8. Quality guarantee 1 year

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