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Drying Oven Blowing Type

Drying Oven Blowing Type

Apply for baking of food and goods with chemical gas ,removal of the substrate,curing of the lnk and drying offilm and so on. Widely used in the precision baking,drying,tempering,preheating,stereotypes and processing of electronics,electrical,communications,plating,plactics,metal,chemicals,food,printing,pharmaceutical,PC board,power,dipping,spraying,glass,ceramic and building materials and so on.

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Brief Introduction
Inner Hull
Material: high quality SUS304 stainless steel
advantage: corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, the advantage of high cleanliness
Body Shell
Material: high quality cold rolled stainless steel sheet , angle bar , channel bar and so on
Between shell and studio pack high-temperature insulation aluminum silicate cotton, the surface of the lacquer that bake
Enclosure the overall design is reasonable, elegant shape.
This product USES xmt7000 intelligent numbered automated process temperature control, the microcomputer constant temperature time, large area, uniformity of tubular heating

horno de calefacción, horno, horno de secado, secador de calor, panadería comida

Structure of Drying Oven Blowing Type :

From the indide out: inner chamber(stainless steel) heating element(S.S304 finned tube)insulating layer

(aluminum silicate wool)outermost shell(carbon steel/stainless steel)

Insulating layer thickness: 100C=50mm



1.Inner size: length*width*height

2.Inner material: carbon steel/stainless steel

3.Temperature range: normal temprature~300/500C

4.Accuracy: ±1°C/2°C heated air circulation drying oven

5.Baked medinum: depends on the capacity once   Notice: 1.powdered,use tray  2.graininess ,use halftone

6.Voltage: Over 500*500*500mm use 380V

horno de calefacción, horno, horno de secado, secador de calor, panadería comid

horno de calefacción, horno, horno de secado, secador de calor, panadería comid horno de calefacción, horno, horno de secado, secador de calor, panadería comida

Advantage of Drying Oven Blowing Type :

1.Strong durability: As the haater is sealed in the housing,the contact area with air is small,it is difficult be oxidized.

2.Heated air circulation: Baked good is heated uniformly Accurate and reliable electrical control:reasonable structure,effective working area,fullfunction,simple operation,easy to maintenance and adjustment,low noise,

high reliability,low cost,low energy consumption and high production efficiency.

Application of Drying Oven Blowing Type :

Apply for baking of food and goods with chemical gas ,removal of the substrate,curing of the lnk and drying

offilm and so on. Widely used in the precision baking,drying,tempering,preheating,stereotypes and processing

of electronics,electrical,communications,plating,plactics,metal,chemicals,food,printing,pharmaceutical,PC

board,power,dipping,spraying,glass,ceramic and building materials and so on.

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