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finned heating element

finned heating element

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Product Description

SINTON Finned Strip Heaters are constructed of specially selected high quality materials, beginning with the high temperature alloy resistance wire uniformly coiled and spaced over the ceramic insulated, outside with Stainless steel strip. The surface temperature can reach 850 degree C or more , higher than mica strip heater surely. Special care is taken to secure the stud-type terminal to the high-temperature alloy resistance contact.
Strip heaters can be finned to improve heat transfer. The fins are specially designed to provide maximum surface contact for good heat dissipation into the finned cross sections, thus resulting in rapid heat transfer to the air

The standard strip width is 38mm , thickness is 11mm , special size also can be customed if you'd like pay for the mould cost. After with fin, the fin strip length x width is 51mm x 35mm

Main Application

Dies and mold heating
Resistive Load Banks
Food warming
Freeze and moisture protection
Tank and platen heating

Main Features

Watt density: Max 35 w/in2

Standard Strip width: 38mm
Standard Finn dimension: 51X35mm
Maximum Allowable Sheath Temperature:
Rust resistant Mild Steel 350°C
Stainless Steel 550°C

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