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nickel-chromium furnace resistance wire

nickel-chromium furnace resistance wire

Standard Nickel Chromium resistance Material: Cr20Ni80 Cr30Ni70 Cr15Ni60 Cr20Ni35 Cr20Ni30 Standard FeCrAl resistance material: OCr25Al5 0Cr21Al6Nb,OCr27Al7Mo2 Wire diameter from 0.02mm to 10mm, bar diameter 12mm to 150mm , Strip thickness 0.05mm to 10mm , width 3mm to 500mm For further material or specification, contact us freely!

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FeCrAl resistance wire characteristic

1. high usage temperature, max 1400 degree C

2. long usage time

3. high surface load

4. good oxidation-resistance, The oxidation of AI2O3 film after oxidation has good resistance and high resistivity.

If you prefer to usage FeCrAl wire, you must know that 

1. FeCrAl's proportion is less than Nicr wire

2. resitance rate is higher than NiCr wire

3.Sulfur resistance is better

4. Unit price is lower than NiCr of course

But NiCr wire can standard higher temperature , and after long-time usage, the material isn't as fragile as FeCrAl wire, there's also no magitic of NiCr wire too. 

All chose depends on where they would be used to. To know more about our resistance wire, contact sinton person directly.


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