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Heating Element_Silicone Heater

silicone heating strip

silicone heating strip

Our high quality products at competitive prices coupled with fast delivery times all backed up by a full design and technical service to meet our customers' stringent requirements. The product series are suitable for applications where precise heating is required.

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1.Thermal developing in graphic imaging equipment

2.Prevent condensation in motors or instrument cabinets

3.freeze or condensation prevention in housings containing electronic equipment

for examples: traffic signal boxes, automatic teller machines, temperature control panels, gas or liquid control valve housings

4.composite bonding processes

5.semiconductor process heating service equipment

7.airplane engine heaters and aerospace industry

8.drums and other vessels and viscosity control and asphalt storage

9.medical equipment such as blood analyzers, medical respirators, test tube heaters, etc.

10.curing of plastic terminates peripherals such as laser printers, duplicating machines

Sinton Silicone Rubber Heating Strip Feature

1.    Good temperature resistance, the whole wire is insulated by silione rubber(include the power wire)working temperature range is -60 degree to 200 degree

2.    good heating transfer,could heating directly,good-efficiency heater exchange,it could heat to a certain temperature in a short time

3.    each wire is strictly examed before they are sent out. We make sure the quality for each heating wire

4.    it is flexible and easy to bend.easy to install

5.    it is non-standard and could made as customer’s demands;

for example:heating length,tail wire length,rated voltage and wattage

6.    heating conductor is 0.75mm2 tinned copper wire

Technology specification

1)  Voltage range:36V to 240V

2)   25W/m could bear AC3500V ,max use length is 65 meters

3)   40W/m could bear AC3500V ,max use length is 50 meters

4)   50W/m could bear AC3500V ,max use length is 44 meters

Output wattage







0.75mm sq

Insulated material

Silicone rubber

Heating wire

CuNi alloy

CuNi alloy

CuNi alloy

Insulated of heating wire

Silicone rubber

Heating wire dimention


Max usage length




Distance between of two connector


Bear voltage


Insulated ohm


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