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  • Sealed Brass Band Heater

    Sinton mica Brass Band Heater is made of brass tube to seal the heating body. Inside heating element is imported high temperature resistance wire and high temperature mica plate, and the lead wire can be with FB cable with SS braided so that the lead wire is wear-resistant and durable. The wiring of the product is connected with the copper sockets and heating element, and is welded with silver fiber welding to make the finished product completely sealed.​

  • Stainless Steel Mica Band Heater

    Stainless Steel mica band heater was made of stainless steel sheet, mica sheet, resistance wire/ strip , stainless steel sheet standard thickness is 0.3mm to 0.5mm, and in the middle , resistance wire/ strip wrap around the mica sheet, and add 1-2 pieces mica sheet again each side for insulation. They can be made to be many different kinds of shape as your requirement. Sinton's mica band heater can be made to be 110V 220V 380V also can be made to be DC voltage.

  • aluminium Die Casting heating plate

    Sinton can make kinds of Alumnium die casting heater as client’s requirement. If you can supply us a sample or detail drawing, we can make the alumnium die casting heater exactly as your requirement.

  • silicone heating strip

    Our high quality products at competitive prices coupled with fast delivery times all backed up by a full design and technical service to meet our customers' stringent requirements. The product series are suitable for applications where precise heating is required.

  • Flexible silicone rubber heater sheet with 3M gule

    Size Max:1000mm×8000mm Min:20mm×20mm thickness:1.5mm(0.5mm to 5mm will be OK) the length of wire: standard 200mm If you need the silicon heater in this range, pls contact us. easy bonded and mechanically mounted to heat sink,optional self adhesive backing(PSA) and available for thermal insulation backing. Watt density: Max 3W/cm2 , standard 0.9W/cm2

  • oil drum silicone rubber heater with thermostat

    Oil Drum Silicone Rubber Heater with thermostat is made of silicone rubber, fiberglass textiles as its reinforcing material, and wound wires element or etched foil element. They are constructed using silicone rubber lamination technology and are available in a variety of configurations including: drum heaters, tapes, and blankets of many sizes with and without pressure sensitive adhesives.

  • Flexible Ceramic Heating Pad

    Sinton Flexible ceramic heater –fast heat raising, high hot utilization, significant energy-saving, low labor intensity, safe and reliable to use, , easy to operate performance, production is not limited by the models and specifications .it’s one of the most from the size of the welding industry is currently one of the most ideal innovative and practical Heat Treatment heater.Maximum working Ceramic heater can be adapted one on 1050 degrees., widely use in chemical fiber, plastics, plastic machinery, electronics, medicine, food and a variety of heating pipeline voltage from 36V, 110V, 180V, 220V, 380V, maximum power load 6.5W/m2, compared with the traditional electric heater energy consumption can be reduced by 3​0%

  • ceramic pad heater with aluminium sheath

    Flexible ceramic heating pad / rope is suitable for all kinds of metal components, such as large tower, high pressure vessel, bridge, high pressure pipe welding preheating, after welding to eliminate stress. It can also be used in the auxiliary heating of chemical pipes, containers, and indoor and outdoor. Flexible ceramic heating pad / rope is an advanced and practical part heating element at present.

  • ceramic heating rope

    Flexible Ceramic Rope was made of high quality NiCr resistance alloy ,outside was insulated with high pure alumina ceramic. They can be made to be pad shape, rope shape etc. Size and shape can be made as the usage requirement.

  • copper hot runner heater

    Yancheng Xingtai Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.(Sinton Group) Mainly make kinds of electric heating elements. For example , coil heating element, tubular heater element, Cartridge heater , plate heating element, band heating elements, resistance wire etc. All of them can be OEM and now we have acquired CE certificate for our heating elements. Our products can also meet UL standard for those, who maybe target on American market. Safety and long working life are always our priority. We have adopted high purity magnesium oxide tube (99%) to ensure the even heating effect and longer working life of our heating elements to save you from the trouble of changing the heating elements constantly. And save the cost for the production. Also we have obtained high quality heating wire from Germany, Japan, and france to ensure the heating element can work as long as possible.

  • UL Teflon PTFE high temperature cable

  • Ceramic Heating element

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