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  • Bright Surface NiCr FeCrAl resistance wire

    Nickel-chromium, nickel-chromium alloy with high and stable resistance, corrosion resistance, surface oxidation resistance is good, a better under high temperature and seismic strength, good ductility, good workability and weldability.

  • nickel-chromium furnace resistance wire

    Standard Nickel Chromium resistance Material: Cr20Ni80 Cr30Ni70 Cr15Ni60 Cr20Ni35 Cr20Ni30 Standard FeCrAl resistance material: OCr25Al5 0Cr21Al6Nb,OCr27Al7Mo2 Wire diameter from 0.02mm to 10mm, bar diameter 12mm to 150mm , Strip thickness 0.05mm to 10mm , width 3mm to 500mm For further material or specification, contact us freely!

  • High temperature Industrial Furnace heating Strip

    NiCr / FeCrAl Furnace Heating strip has the advantage of high resistance rate, high temperature, anti-corrosion , low cost etc. Mainly used in Industrial Furnace, home-appliance electric heater etc.

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