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  • Ceramic band heater

    Ceramic Band Heaters offer longer heater life, high processing temperature capabilities and full flexibility for ease of installation.

  • Sealed Brass Band Heater

    Sinton mica Brass Band Heater is made of brass tube to seal the heating body. Inside heating element is imported high temperature resistance wire and high temperature mica plate, and the lead wire can be with FB cable with SS braided so that the lead wire is wear-resistant and durable. The wiring of the product is connected with the copper sockets and heating element, and is welded with silver fiber welding to make the finished product completely sealed.​

  • Stainless Steel Mica Band Heater

    Stainless Steel mica band heater was made of stainless steel sheet, mica sheet, resistance wire/ strip , stainless steel sheet standard thickness is 0.3mm to 0.5mm, and in the middle , resistance wire/ strip wrap around the mica sheet, and add 1-2 pieces mica sheet again each side for insulation. They can be made to be many different kinds of shape as your requirement. Sinton's mica band heater can be made to be 110V 220V 380V also can be made to be DC voltage.

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