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  • Electric Hot runner coil heater

    Length of hot runner coil heater within 20-3000mm is mainly used for hot runner mold,as well as other precision heating system.Spring heating ring external using high quality Ni-Cr steel tube,the internal use of high purity magnesium oxide,high temperature resistance wire,and first-class manufacturing technology.The wire is after the annealed,with flxibility can bent into an arc or circle heating.Its high working temperature,fast heating,uniform heating precision,long service life,can be automatically controlled area,high thermal conduction,while internal heating material damage,external careuses.

  • copper hot runner heater

    Yancheng Xingtai Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.(Sinton Group) Mainly make kinds of electric heating elements. For example , coil heating element, tubular heater element, Cartridge heater , plate heating element, band heating elements, resistance wire etc. All of them can be OEM and now we have acquired CE certificate for our heating elements. Our products can also meet UL standard for those, who maybe target on American market. Safety and long working life are always our priority. We have adopted high purity magnesium oxide tube (99%) to ensure the even heating effect and longer working life of our heating elements to save you from the trouble of changing the heating elements constantly. And save the cost for the production. Also we have obtained high quality heating wire from Germany, Japan, and france to ensure the heating element can work as long as possible.

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