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  • Far infrared Ceramic infrared heater

    Super high temperature radiators were developed to increase the previous maximum possible surface rating of ceramic panel radiators from 64 kW/m2 to 77 kW/m2. These radiators, produced using the hollow casting ceramic process, are filled with thermal insulation material and have a special black glaze and a gold-plated back. At an operating temperature of 900 °C, over 75 % of the electrical energy supplied is transferred to the material to be heated as medium to long-wave IR radiation. Series radiators are therefore particularly suitable for use in plant construction in which special solutions have to be drawn up for the customer's specific needs and for applications requiring high outputs.

  • IR quartz heater

    Main Design Characteristics Power from 200 to 5000V Voltage from 24V to 575V Short , Medium and long-wave IR designs Filament temperatures from 1100 degree C to 2600 degree C , heat length from 50mm to 1500mm Reflective layers: gold / White Fast response time: 1 second to 5 second Tube diameter from 8mm to 25mm Standard stock items for immediate delivery Custom and OEM designs are available ​

  • Ceramic Bulb

    Sinton’s ceramic lamp using special high-strength, high far-infrared radiation clay making more than 30% of energy-saving products than ordinary. products with buried type electric wire: No oxidation, impact-resistance, safe sanitation, quick heat-raising ,and no glaze providing the reptiles to imitate the natural infra-red sun and heat, but with no light will not disturb the normal rest .

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