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  • silicone heating strip

    Our high quality products at competitive prices coupled with fast delivery times all backed up by a full design and technical service to meet our customers' stringent requirements. The product series are suitable for applications where precise heating is required.

  • Flexible silicone rubber heater sheet with 3M gule

    Size Max:1000mm×8000mm Min:20mm×20mm thickness:1.5mm(0.5mm to 5mm will be OK) the length of wire: standard 200mm If you need the silicon heater in this range, pls contact us. easy bonded and mechanically mounted to heat sink,optional self adhesive backing(PSA) and available for thermal insulation backing. Watt density: Max 3W/cm2 , standard 0.9W/cm2

  • oil drum silicone rubber heater with thermostat

    Oil Drum Silicone Rubber Heater with thermostat is made of silicone rubber, fiberglass textiles as its reinforcing material, and wound wires element or etched foil element. They are constructed using silicone rubber lamination technology and are available in a variety of configurations including: drum heaters, tapes, and blankets of many sizes with and without pressure sensitive adhesives.

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