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  • Electric home warm air duct heater

    Spray-fusing process requires lots of hot air. The compressed air output by the air compressor is send to the heater for heating after drying and filtration, and then is send to the spray-fusing die head assembly parts.

  • hot air duct heater

    Air duct heater is mainly used for heating the air in the air duct, the specification is divided into low, medium temperature, high temperature three forms, have in common is to use steel plate on the structure of support in order to reduce the vibration of electric heat pipe, electric heating tube in the junction box is equipped with temperature control device.

  • Circulation industrial air heater

  • Industrial Hot air heater

    The heater adopting wind tunnel structure. three layer high temperature crystalloid heat insulation asbestos and stainless steel are encapsulated entirely, electric resistance direct heating,channel type electric heating exchange, scientific designing, advanced technology.

  • 450kw hot air heater

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